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Capital Asset Services

Capital assets and major-moveable equipment continue to be a significant capital investment for all healthcare organizations. From financial reporting requirements, property records management, to having a detailed understanding of major moveable equipment and the market dynamics that can impact value, VMG Health’s capital asset services team has over 22 years of experience providing expert capital asset valuation and consulting services designed to address the issues that healthcare organizations face in an ever changing environment.
Our nationwide network of healthcare clients relies upon our valuation services to assist with:

  • Fair Market Value Opinions
  • Property Records Management
  • Property Records Management
  • Lease/Rental Rate Analysis Insurance Valuations


VMG Health Capital Asset Services professionals perform engagements for a wide variety of clients in critical areas including:


  • Fair Market Value Opinions for Transactions
  • Fair Value Opinion for Financial Reporting
  • Property Records Management Services
  • Rental/Lease Rate Analyses
  • Property Tax Consulting
  • Insurable Value Opinions for Risk Management Purposes
  • Componentization Studies for Research Hospitals
  • Useful Life Studies
  • Litigation Support


VMG Health Capital Asset Services Professionals serve a wide variety of property types and healthcare clients throughout the United States, including but not limited to:

  • Acute Care Hospitals
  • Cancer & Radiation Treatment Centers
  • Surgery Centers
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Specialty Hospitals
  • Diagnostic Imaging Centers
  • Physician Practices
  • Rehab Hospitals


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